8 Days Of Lumia: Nokia EA launches the Lumia Family. Are You Ready to #SwitchToLumia?

Keep Calm and Switch to Lumia

Keep Calm and Switch to Lumia

This past Thursday night was an exciting event for all Windows Phone fans, aka WinPhans, in East Africa. Nokia officially launched the 2nd Generation Lumia Devices, powered by Windows Phone 8, at the Crown Plaza hotel in Nairobi. It was an exciting and colorful event that matched the bright and bubbly personality of the Lumia line.

The devices available now in East Africa are the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and arguably the star of the show, the Lumia 620.

The Nokia Team, lead Nokia East Africa GM Bruce Howe, explained the virtues of the entire Lumia. From the technological advances of the flagship Lumia 920 (which was recently recognized by Engadget as the Best Smart Phone of 2012), to the versatility of the Lumia 820, to the Lumia 620, which is being recognized as “Precisely what an entry level  smartphone should be”

Safaricom Kenya was also present to announce their support for Windows Phone and Lumia. As the growth of smartphones is Safaricom one of Safaricom’s fastest growing segments, it will drive increased revenue for the Local Telecommunications giant by increased data usage.

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The highlight of the evening was the incredible deal announced by Safaricom for the Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 620 Offer by Safaricom

Nokia Lumia 620 Offer by Safaricom

Also present at the launch was the full spectrum of Nokia Lumia accessories including the JBL PowerUp Speaker, to the Purity Pro Headphones by Monster, and Nokia Wireless charging pillow by Fatboy. Look out for a specific post on describing the Nokia accessories, prices and availability very soon.

A proud moment for WinPhansEA was the acknowledgement given to WinPhansEA founders, @NairobiWP and @Mwirigi, for their contribution in building the East African Windows Phone community.

The WinPhansEA team would like to send a big thank you for being involved with the Nokia launch and we look forward to making user that all Windows Phone users in E.Africa have the best possible experience.

” Windows+Phone+Fans+E.Africa=WinPhansEA “


One response to “8 Days Of Lumia: Nokia EA launches the Lumia Family. Are You Ready to #SwitchToLumia?

  1. Great article!!! I really wish I could’ve been there, it looked like an absolute dream with all the devices and accessories! Fantastic pics, I drooled a bit, especially of your pics of the 620! Very very happy for your region in seeing the ever expanding selection of Windows Phones! Thanks for doing such a great job of covering the launch!

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