Three weeks using Windows Phone 7.8 (WP7.8)

HTC Radar with Windows Phone 7.8

HTC Radar with Windows Phone 7.8

Mixed reactions meet WP 7.8. We were all patiently waiting, and boom, here we are. albeit cosmetic. Of course my OEM (HTC) has not done anything special and I use that lightly. The app list on phone hasn’t changed ever, not even one. But that’s to be raised in another post.

Back to WP 7.8. So it begins with a hint here and there across the world that 31st January is the day. And behold, behold the 7.8 floodgates were open… Opened Zune countless times to check for the update still nothing. so decided to force update via CAB method. One problem though, the ‘all important’ Bing picture of the day as lockscreen wallpaper wasn’t launching. Incidentally many people had the same issue not sure if it was an HTC issue. To cut the long story short communicated with Latiff of course he had a solution. As I had used the CAB method I had a back up of the WP 7.5. So restored back up and used the disconnecting the computer from the internet trick – clearly timing is key.

WP 7.8 clearly made the phone feel new. With the limitation of apps that allow for wide tile support on WP 7.8 save for a few, I still like the small tile for pinned apps and the accents. The screen looks busy with all the small tiles and only one wide tile among the many smalls but refreshing none the less.

Its been 3 weeks now and at least my phone got a new lease of life. Don’t get me wrong, I like Micro$oft’s BUT we care deeply about our existing customers and would like to know SPECIFICALLY what features you would like to see on 7.8 and vote INDIVIDUALLY for the one that you want most (vs. one large grab bag of features)” Mantra, am sure they can best there effort.

In as much is I knew WP 7.8 would be mostly cosmetic I was expecting more from my OEM. *Cough Bluetooth, ringtone, a game or two and maybe a few apps *Cough. That’s for another day.




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