Calculator³ : Well Designed + Easy to Use + It’s Free this Week!

Calculator 3

Calculator³ has quickly evolved to be my favorite Windows Phone calculator.

It includes 5 unique calculators:

  • Basic
  • Scientific
  • Programmer
  • Currency Converter
  • Unit Converter.

The last two options also negate the need to have a Unit Converter and a Currency converter application.

To switch between the different calculators, all you have to do is swipe to the left. You can also pin whichever calculator you want to the Start Screen, as well as being able to set the default calculator to open. The Currency Converter has a Live Tile so can keep track of your exchange rates as they happen. It really is packed to the rafters with features and worth your time to check it out.

DOWNLOAD HERE or scan the QR Code in the Picture

Application Options

  • OS Versions : WP7   WP8  
  • Price: Usually the app costs $1.99 but is free for this week. It also has an ad-supported version that is free.
  • Windows 8:  The developer has created a  Windows 8 version of the application. Download it here.

Official App Description from Windows Phone Store

Calculator³ aims to innovate the pocket calculator by fully utilizing the touch screen display of the Windows Phone. Calculator² incorporates the Modern UI and features large buttons for quick, error-free typing. Scientific functions, constants, memory items, currencies, and more are contained in comprehensive lists that are just one click away. Each calculation is shown in the display exactly as typed so that users can verify the input. The last 50 calculations are stored in the history with the option of using a result in the future. A unique memory solution allows multiple memory items to be stored and viewed simultaneously. The Currency and Unit Converters ensure that Calculator² is more than just a mathematical tool, and is great for everyday use beyond educational and work-related tasks.


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